Our Difference

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to online marketing and social media management.  However, Be Creative Consulting, LLC isn’t like all the rest… we have the Passion, the Experience, and the Commitment to making sure we do the best work for the success of your brand!


Be Creative Consulting, LLC was born June 2016 when owner, Betsy Eves, realized her passion for running her own highly successful blog had turned into a passion for helping others.

As social media is becoming more ingrained in our everyday lives, it has become imperative for businesses to get on board.  Betsy’s passion for growing her own social media inspired her to begin coaching other brands and businesses reach their own social media and online marketing goals.


As the Owner of The JavaCupcake Blog, a world-renowned food, travel, and lifestyle blog, Betsy directed the creative aspects of her site, including the photography, editing/copy and advertising.  She provided consulting services, targeted marketing & brand imaging for 30 major national brands including KitchenAid, Wal-Mart, & Procter & Gamble reaching an audience of more than 2,526,230 unique visitors since 2009.  Betsy grew her social media following from nothing to the influential social powerhouse it is now.

Since beginning Be Creative Consulting, LLC, Betsy has consulted with Dog Tag, Inc, ThanksUSA, TaylorMade Experience and more!


Be Creative Consulting, LLC is committed to helping you promote your business through social media & online marketing.  Because Betsy built her brand from the ground up she had to learn, adapt and create new marketing strategies as the social media climate around her evolved and changed.  Be Creative Consulting, LLC has that same drive and commitment to help your business succeed in the online marketplace!

Our team at Be Creative Consulting, LLC will help you take your social media program from good to outstanding. Based on our work with some of the world’s largest brands, several non-profit veteran service organizations in the DC Metro area, plus our day-to-day experience running The JavaCupcake Blog  we provide the strategy, operational know-how and experienced counsel you need.

We are looking forward to helping you achieve your social media and online marketing goals!
Reach out to us today to discuss creating a custom plan that’s right for your budget and your needs!


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